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The Young Generation


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Unlike their predecessors, the young generation of Russian artists today has little direct experience with Soviet Communism. Growing up after its collapse, they began their careers as part of a globally-connected, consumerist and individual-oriented society. Although some have the means to leave Russia to study art in Western Europe and the U.S., many others continue to work inside Russia. In contrast to the sharply ironic and outward-looking artists of the Perestroika periods, younger artists are looking inward, immersed in their own personal experiences and the psychological dilemmas of growing up in modern-day Russia. The artists in The Young Generation exhibit are:

Tatiana Antonuk, Untitled, 2011. From the series Alientation. Courtesy of the artist

Featured artists include:

Tatiana Antonuk
Oleg Borodin
Roman Bregman
Alexandra Demenkova
Kir Esadov
Maria Kozhanova
Vlad Krasnoshchek
Ivan Mikhailov
Karen Mirzoyan
Vasilisa Nezabarom
Alisa Nikulina
Margo Ovcharenko
Nikita Pirogov
Tatiana Plotnikova
Petr Rakhmanov
Dina Shchedrinskaya
Anna Skladmann
Alexandra Stukkey
Anastasia Tailakova
Denis Tarasov
Fedor Telkov
Daria Tuminas

Nikita Pirogov, Natasha, 2010. From the series The Other Shore. Courtesy of the artist
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