FOTOFEST 2012 BIENNIAL FotoFest Exhibitions
Discoveries of the Meeting Place
FotoFest at One and Two Allen Center, 1200 Smith St, Houston, Texas
Bill McCullough, November 11th (Blue Wall), 2004

In conjunction with the Meeting Place, a special and popular part of the Biennial is FotoFest’s exhibition of work from the previous Biennial’s portfolio reviews.

Envisioned as a showcase for some of the best work discovered at the Biennial portfolio review, the 2012 Discoveries of the Meeting Place presents work chosen by ten reviewer/curators from the 2010 Meeting Place.

This is the ninth Discoveries exhibition. Like the Meeting Place itself, the Discoveries exhibitions often travel beyond Houston and have been a launching pad for many photographic careers.

The ten artists selected are:

Lamia Maria Abillama (New York, New York), chosen by Felix Hoffmann, C/O Berlin, Berlin
Damion Berger (New York, New York), chosen by John Rohrbach, Amon Carter Museum, Ft Worth, TX
Erika Dietes (Cali, Colombia), chosen by Charles Guice, Charles Guice Contemporary, NY
Natan Dvir (New York, New York), chosen by Martha Schnieder, Schneider Gallery, Chicago
Pablo Gimenez-Zapiola (Houston, Texas), chosen by Ricardo Viera, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
Bill McCullough (Austin, Texas), chosen by Stephen Mayes, VII Photos, NY
Monika Merva (New York, New York), chosen by Alexa Becker, Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany
Nancy Newberry (Dallas, Texas), Chosen by Ute Noll, On Photography & Illustration, Stuttgart, Germany
Jhinryung Oh (Seoul, South Korea), chosen by Gemma De Santos, De Santos Gallery, Houston, TX
Michael Tummings (Munich, Germany), chosen by Hannah Frieser, Light Work, Syracuse, NY

Michael Tummings, Norfolkboy I, February 2010 Lamia Maria Abillama, Angelique, 2006
From the series Ladies of Rio

Erika Diettes, Untitled #8, 2007-2008
From the series Drifting Away/Río Abajo
Courtesy of the artist, De Santos
Gallery, Houston and Charles Guice
Contemporary, New York
 Nancy Newberry, 09 01 31, 2010
Pablo Gimenez Zapiola, Truth/Meaning, 2009. From the series Meaning in Motion
Jhinryung Oh,  22, 2009. 
From the series Interaction

Damion Berger, Inauguration, Burj Khalifa,
, 2010 From the series Black Powder
Monika Merva, Éva, 2004

Natan Dvir, Amona, 2006. From the series Belief
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