FOTOFEST 2012 BIENNIAL FotoFest Exhibitions
Late 1940s - 2012
        March 16 – April 29, 2012, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.  

These exhibitions will challenge expectations and open the door to surprising encounters with Russian photographic art. They bring visibility to creative directions in Russian visual art that have been largely invisible to the outside world.Fred Baldwin, FotoFest Chairman and Co-founder

Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, Charlie Chaplin,2004
From the series Heart Cancer
Courtesy of ART4.RU Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow.
With a population of 143 million people, Russia spans two continents and nine time zones, while its citizens speak 28 languages. It is a global powerhouse fitfully engaged with capitalism, consumerism and an ongoing struggle to define itself as a modern nation in the context of its own history and culture. FotoFest’s 2012 Biennial will serve to introduce an international audience to never- or little-before-seen contemporary Russian art practice and culture through the medium of photography.

The Biennial explores modern and contemporary Russian photographic history over the last five decades, from the post-Stalinist period of the 1950s to the present day. The three main FotoFest 2012 Biennial exhibitions feature 800 historic and contemporary works including classical photography, video and mixed-media installations, from 142 artists from Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine  These exhibitions look at the evolution of creative photographic art in Russia. 

Of the works, on loan from private collections and the archives of the artists themselves, many are being shown for the first time outside of Russia. These exhibitions are accompanied by special exhibition of Russian photography at three locations.

An international team of curators from Russia and the United States has organized the main Biennial exhibitions. The Russian curators are Evgeny Berezner, head of the “In Support of Photography in Russia” Project, The Iris Foundation, Moscow; Irina Chmyreva, Senior Researcher at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts; and Natalia Tarasova, a writer and cultural affairs consultant for the “In Support of Photography in Russia” Project. Leading figures in Russian photography and culture, Mr. Berezner, Dr. Chmyreva and Ms. Tarasova have organized more than 200 exhibitions with Russian artists over the past 15 years. The Russian curators are joined by Wendy Watriss, Senior Curator and Artistic Director of FotoFest. 

>> After Stalin, “The Thaw”, The Re-emergence of the Personal Voice (Late 1940s-1970s)

>> Perestroika, Liberalization and Experimentation (Mid 1980s-2010)

>> The Young Generation

A special exhibition of  World Press Photo Soviet Award Winners, 1956–1991 is presented at the Art Gallery at Houston Community College, Central Campus, March 19 - April 5, 2012.

Lev Borodulin, Parade, Moscow, 1956. Courtesy of
Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow.

Olga Tobreluts, Hercules, 1995. Courtesy of the artist
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