FOTOFEST 2012 BIENNIAL By the Numbers

Sometimes the clearest and broadest view can only be gained from afar. In Houston, FotoFest, one of the largest and most important photography biennials, has celebrated the rich history and diversity of Russian photography.

The Moscow Times, May 2012

Artist Alexey Titarenko with visitors to his FotoFest Russian Exhibition at Spring Street Studios. Photo by Vladimir Sergienko


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• 275,000 people attended from 34 countries

• 1,165 artists participated from 35 countries
   and 37 U.S. states

• Media coverage reached 19.3 million people
   in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada
   and the U.S.

• 1,000 works by 146 artists from Russia,
   Ukraine and Belarus in FotoFest's four
   exhibitions of Contemporary Russian

• 96 individual events produced by FotoFest

• 145 independent exhibits at 123 Participating Spaces
   Museums, Commercial Art Galleries, Non-profit Art Spaces, Universities
    and Civic and Corporate Spaces

• 4,800 hotel room nights and over $2 million generated for the City of Houston



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FotoFest has always taken a wonderfully global approach to the world of photography, bringing a geographically diverse range of work to Houston viewers as well as to FotoFest’s international attendees.

The Houston Press, April 2012

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